The Neve


Our Custom Built 8088 NEVE console is something very special indeed. It was originally commissioned as a custom-specced NEVE for The Who, and was installed in their Rampart Studios in 1977. For the next 8 years it remained the main recording console for many of the albums we now consider as classics.

It was bought by Albert Grossman of Bearsville Studios in upstate New York, and was used by many of the bands Albert managed including The Band, REM, Jeff Buckley, Simple Minds, the Pretenders and many more.

After Bearsville closed, Neil Finn pounced on the chance to own this incredible piece of recording history. It was retrofitted with 40 channels of NEVE flying faders to create a new hybrid console (adding 24 monitor faders and converting the 16 master buss faders into monitor faders). It was then given a complete overhaul and flown to Auckland in 2003.

Since then it has been pride of place in Roundhead’s Studio A, adding to its already impressive recording legacy.

“One day, I’ll bring my boat, sail those beautiful waters, and give the 8088 a real spin that I was never really able to give it back in the late ’70s.”

Pete Townshend, The Who.