Studio A


Simply put, Studio A is a beautiful place to make music. This studio was built with musicians in mind, created to help them focus on what they do best, make music.

Roundhead’s Studio A features spectacular lighting technology to create the perfect ambiance. While it is one of the quietest rooms in New Zealand, it is a fully customizable acoustic space, with variable surfaces, curtains and wooden louvers to add richness to sound.

Recording in Roundhead‘s Studio A will take you on a journey. You’ll follow in the footsteps of The Who, Joan Jett, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Jeff Buckley, REM and Alice Cooper – all of who have used Studio A’s Neve 8088 to capture an outstanding moment in their musical careers.

"Roundhead is one of the best studios there is. The equipment and environment is as good as it gets and the people working there really do know what they’re doing and do a great job"

Johnny Marr