How much does it cost to record a single/EP/album?

As simple as this question may sound  there are many factors to take into account when putting together a budget for your session. Different styles, instrumentation, the use of session musicians and producers all influence the time frame and overall cost of a recording. We are happy to discuss with you the most efficient and cost effective way to get your music recorded to the highest of standards, so feel free to drop us an email or give us a call.


What is PRE-PRODUCTION? I have a three minute song...

Pre-production is the process of getting your songs ready to be recorded and also organizing producers, session musicians and studio time. Most commonly a band or songwriter will turn their songs into demo recordings so they can find the best tempo, feel and generally refine the song's structure and instrumentation.  Having all these aspects of your music figured out before you get to the studio will save you a lot of time and money and make your session much more productive.


how long will it take to record?

Because there are so many different ways of recording these days there are many different answers to this question. First of all we need to establish what type of music you play and the instruments involved, then we also need look at what you are wanting to get out of the session whether it is a radio single or a full album. Once we have established these factors we can get into the specifics of your project and give you an accurate estimation of the amount of time you will need and how the time will be broken down. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your project if you'd like to know more. 


Do you have access to any producers?

Yes. Not only are our in house engineers great producers, we have relationships with many top New Zealand and overseas producers.


What are the studio hours?

Our studio days here at Roundhead Studios are 10 hours long. Generally we start our session around 10am. However we know music is made in the moment so if you wish you can continue on if the sparks are flying. Overtime rates in both studios are available on request.


Do you have any instruments available?

We have many vintage guitars available, from a 1960's Strat to a Gretsch Silver Falcon and anything in between. We also have a selection of vintage drum kits, bass guitars, pianos, organs and Wurlitzers as well as loads of percussion, and effects pedals. Whatever you are after we will do our best to make sure you are playing the best instruments for your recording (some instruments are subject to availability).    


Have you recorded anyone famous?

Yes, we sure have!  Check this list out - P!NK - Katy Perry - Mick Fleetwood - Ed Sheeran - Dua Lipa - Migos -  Lorde - Crowded House - Kanye West - Six60 - Shapeshifter - Wilco - Johnny Marr - KT Tunstall - Jet - Arcade Fire - Passenger - Mumford and Sons - Dinosaur Junior - The Dead Weather - Don McGlashan - Liam Finn - Tim Finn - The Naked and Famous - Shihad - Common - Broods - Foals - Joel Little.


Do you offer internships?

Internships are a great way to learn the craft of audio engineering and make valuable contacts within the music industry. We do take interns but the opportunity to take on new people only comes along every once in a while so be sure to send us an email with your CV and let us know a little more about yourself. We keep each and every application and when the time does come around to hire someone new we will go through our lists and you may be asked to come in for an interview. You don't necessarily need any experience for this position. Just show a keen attitude and a willingness to learn.


Where is your studio located?

Roundhead Studios is located at 151 Newton Road, Eden Terrace, Auckland.


Do you have Parking?

Yes, we have four reserved parks, two for each studio, in our private secure parking directly next to the building.


Do you have session musicians available?

Throughout the years of being involved in the music industry we have made contact with New Zealand's most talented musicians. We will work with you to find the perfect drummer, guitarist, keys player or anyone else you need for your project.  We have done many projects for singer/songwriters that needed accompaniment. The rates for individual musicians vary. Sometimes we can work out a day or project rate with the musicians. In the long run, paying top-notch players can be the most efficient way to make a great recording. The process is much quicker than if you get a buddy that hasn’t played drums since high school. We can organise all of this for you.