Roundhead understands the magic that is created when a band plays together, or when a singer-songwriter finds the perfect mood – and our studios have been designed to capture these moments.

Conveniently based in central Auckland, Roundhead is a recording studio shaped by musicians for musicians. Every element has been carefully crafted to ensure that musical creativity is always the centre of attention.

Whether it’s your first time in a studio, or if the control room is like a second home, we know you’ll be impressed by Roundhead’s unique comfort and character.

From recording a simple vocal melody to a full orchestra, capturing the energy of a live performance or producing a complete album, Roundhead has the people, spaces, equipment and experience to make it happen perfectly.

 "After working at most of the best Recording Studios in North America, such as Cello, The Village, Sound City, Sunset Sound, The RecordPlant, Oceanway, The Hit Factory and my own PLYRZ Studios, Roundhead Studios blew me away. Amazing studios, tons of incredible recording gear and musical instruments, and a crack engineering staff. I wait impatiently for my next invitation. Go there if you can. It's incredible "   
Jim Scott